Jewelry Care

We offer free cleaning on most jewelry and always recommend you stop in at least once a year to have your jewelry checked by an expert. General maintenance can ensure that your most cherished pieces are able to stay in your family for generations to come. Below are a few storing and cleaning tips you can follow to prevent damage.
Try to protect your jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and extended exposure to sunlight. Storing your jewelry pieces separately is a good way to prevent them from scratching.

When doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning, be certain to remove rings. Put your jewelry on after washing your hands or applying any makeup, hair spray or lotion.

Never wear jewelry while in a swimming pool or hot tub. The chlorine and other chemicals can cause damage to various gemstones and gold. Salt water pools are no exception!! Even without the harsher chemicals, salt water is still abrasive to jewelry and can cause weakening and/or tarnishing.

Avoid storing your jewelry next to a heating vent, window sill or on a car dashboard. Store jewelry away from sunlight as the sun may fade the gemstones.

Some bead necklaces such as lapis or pearls are strung on silk. Silk will stretch over time so store these pieces flat in a jewelery box or a pearl flap. We have these available in store. If damage does occurr, we can restring necklaces or reset stones. Do NOT store pearls in plastic bags!

Sterling silver will normally polish up by rubbing or buffing it with a soft cotton cloth. If you store silver in plastic bags with an interlocking seal, it will be less prone to tarnish. We also offer a silver dip that usually removes even the most stubborn tarnish.

Be certain that stones set in rings are not loose or rattle. Gold is a soft metal and the prongs of a ring can and will wear down. If the prongs wear down too much or break, you've lost the stone. We can easily re-tip your prongs if needed.