Birthstone Guide

Everyone knows that each month is assigned a Birthstone. Most of us learn what our stone is at a young age. For some, there are Diamonds and Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies. For others, Garnets and Opals, Amethysts and Pearls. But, for every person who loves their month’s assigned stone, you’ll hear someone else declaring “I HATE my Birthstone!!”. (I’m looking at you, August babies…)

What you may not know is that each month has more than one Birthstone. Some are Traditional while some are Modern. Others are considered “Mystical Birthstones” and there’s even “Ayurvedic Birthstones”. (I’ll wait while you Google that…) There are Birthstones for your Zodiac Symbol and Birthstones for your Birth Planet.

Also, some Birthstones such as Diamonds, Sapphires and Garnets come in a full spectrum of different colors. Purple not your favorite color? How about a Green Amethyst? Yup, you can get those.

Take a look below for just a fraction of the different types of Birthstones out there. And if you’re
still not happy with what you find, just Google your Month’s Birthstone. You’re bound to find the one stone that speaks to you!